Shy is an avid communicator who is well recognized for his open and approachable communication style. Shy thoroughly enjoys his speaking engagements, publishing in various forms for different audiences and purposes, mentoring and coaching to drive personal and professional growth, and the interactive nature of his training engagements.


Shy's expertise is in conveying complex information clearly and succinctly, and he knows how to speak at eye-level with multiple types of audiences.


Shy is a frequent speaker at various international conferences and events, and is often invited to present and discuss his topics of expertise in private settings. Shy primarily speaks on topics related to the architecture and implementation of distributed systems.

A list of Shy's upcoming and past public presentations is available on the calendar of events. Please contact us to find out how to have Shy speak at your public or private event.

Content Design & Creation

Content design is about finding that magic formula that will guide and motivare your audience from the starting point, through the journey of your presentation, to the goals you were trying to achieve. The basic principles of connecting with your audience, articulating value, and showing how things are done in a context that your audience can relate to, apply whether you're conducting a sales presentation, or explaining the intricacies of a complex product or technology

Our experience ranges from creating complete training courses to designing keynote presentations.  We can help you "build" the right presentation for your audience, find the right flow, and identify and plug any "holes" in your presentation before your audience does. We would love to help you draw that perfect arc through your talk, and show you how to do that yourself going forward. Contact us to find out more about our content design & creation offerings.


  • "Shy is a great presenter ... Definitely worth the price of admission!"
    - Julie Lerman
  • "Best session at Tech-ed by Far. Dealt with great future topics, was not entirely Microsoft focused, and the best demo by far. Well Done."
    - Conference Attendee
  • "Better than Fantastic"
    - Conference Attendee
  • "Shy Cohen really knew his topic"
    - Conference Attendee


In addition to his speaking engagements, Shy reaches out to the broad audience through his writing. He also enjoys helping others write their own material. Shy writes for multiple audiences and purposes, and is a published author.

Technical Writing

Shy's writing services focus on writing papers describing new technologies and methodologies from business and technology viewpoints. While most of his recent writing efforts has been on material targeted for private consumption, Shy has also published some public content. Here are some writing samples:

 Please contact us to learn more on how we can benefit your organization through our technical writing.

Book Authoring

Shy wrote one book (Professional Java Fundamentals, Wrox Press) and has started working on another one. To finds out more about his upcoming book you can follow Shy's blog.

Here are some of the accolades for his book:

  • "I take this book back and forth every day between work and home. What would I do without it?" - Amazon.com reviewer
  • "Fantastic book. Pithy style, very readable, no fluff, excellent as a reference." - Amazon.com reviewer
  • "Even though this is one of my oldest Java books I keep going back to it." - Amazon.com reviewer

Mentoring and Coaching

Shy thoroughly enjoys mentoring and coaching, and is truly passionate about helping others maximize their potential. His coaching and mentoring experience includes everything from message and content design, to how to speak to your audience, to navigating your professional career. He is a patient but demanding mentor that will help you reach new heights.

Speaker Training

Shy's speaking experience was gained through delivering hundreds of presentations and briefing worldwide. This experience, his relentless focus on self improvement, and that passion of his for helping others maximize their potential, led him to start training others in this field.

Public speaking is an art form that can be learned and improved upon. Shy has mentored new speakers who became top conference presenters (as measured by their speaker scores), and helped experienced speakers fine tune their skills and become better than ever. Shy will work with you to grow your strengths, find the best ways to leverage them, and minimize your on-stage limiting factors.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to find out how we can help you maximize your speaker potential.

Personal Mentoring

Shy continuously engages in personal mentoring with a limited set of clients. These are very intimate partnerships whose goals are to advance and help guide one's professional career. If you are interested in personal mentoring, please contact us to find out about availability. Please note that while many of the mentoring sessions can be done over the phone, we have found that some in-person "face time" is essential for the success of these partnerships.